Life Insurance


Life insurance is one of the most common and widespread insurance industry in the world, especially in advanced countries. The basic purpose of life insurance is to create and accumulate financial resources, invest in and earn capital gains, and ultimately fulfill the obligations of the insurer towards the users. The main characteristics of life insurance are: - Providing people with intellectual and financial comfort in different life situations - Creating a pension fund for all people of different ages - Supporting the family in the conditions of death or disability of the head of household - Capital of living insurance is not considered a tax and is exempt from income    tax and inheritance tax

The types of life insurance offered in the national insurance

- Life insurance and investment

- Life insurance

- Childcare insurance
- Life insurance and redeem years
- Pensioner's Pensions


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The nation's insurance has the ability and experience to provide diverse insurance products to real people as well as business owners and legal entities. The National Insurance Management Team, combining the skills and communications portfolio of the industry, has created a forward-looking and evolving military force in delivering customer-oriented services, satisfying them, and obtaining insurance standards.


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